Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent

Swiss Gear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent Review

Camping can be a great way to bond with your family. Taking your children hiking, fishing, and building fires can create memories that your children will cherish for years to come. To ensure that you and your family have the best time possible, it’s important to get the perfect tent. No one wants to spend their vacation in cramped quarters or in a tent full of water. Where should you start? Swiss Gear has been designing quality camping equipment for generations.

The Montreaux Family Dome Tent was designed to be spacious, water tight, and easy to construct. This product was designed to comfortably sleep a large family and have ample room for guests and supplies. It’s never been easier or more affordable to take your family on the relationship building vacation of your dreams.

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Product Features

  • Designed to easily sleep nine people comfortably
  • Separates in to two rooms for privacy
  • Net pockets for storing keys, phones, and other small items
  • Waterproof material and welded bottom prevents leaks and keeps campers safe and dry
  • Well ventilated by doors and many large windows
  • Easily built in under my fifteen minutes
  • Dimensions 17.5’ x 14’, A grown adult can easily stand straight up in this tent and not touch the ceiling
  • Erection instructions are sewn to storage bag to prevent losing them

Easy to Assemble

Building tents can be a chore. Not all tents are designed for easy construction. With the Swiss Gear Outdoor Montreaux you will never have this problem again. Swiss Gear tried to take all aspects of camping in to consideration when creating this product. For instance, they permanently attached the instructions to the storage bag, so there is no way they could be misplaced. This tent was also designed to be fully assembled in under fifteen minutes. The poles were created in such a way that a four year old could construct them with little to no assistance.

Simply insert the poles and insert them in the metal rings on the bottom of the tent. Once it is erected, it’s time to steak down the side rooms and rain covering. Your tent is now ready for camping, it’s that simple. Some people choose to use additional products for sealing the tent surfaces. Before inserting your gear, this would be a great time to use a sealing agent.

This tent is so large that fill it and sleeping comfortably is a breeze. You can easy fit a variety of air mattress and sleeping bags with all your camping gear. Many companies exaggerate how many people can fit in their tents. Swiss Gear made a conservative estimate. You can easily sleep nine people with their own air mattresses. This tent makes camping a joy. The Montreaux is has changed the definition of camping forever.

Cost of Unit

The Swiss Gear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent is priced at approximately $188.58 if purchased from This tent is priced very conservatively compared to other similar models. You could easily pay fifty dollars more for a smaller tent. This tent is spacious, easy to construct, and sturdy. It is one of the largest tents in its price range.

Summary of what current owners have to say about their Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent

The Swiss Gear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent was awarded four out of a possible five stars in the category of customer satisfaction. All customers were pleased with the size of this tent. They could not believe that an adult could easily stand straight up in the main living area. They were very happy with how comfortably their friends and family could sleep and still have ample space for storing gear.

One customer stated that they were able to fit 2 adults, 5 teenagers, and two children with 2 full air mattress, 2 twin air mattress, and 3 cots with more than enough room to spare. They were surprised. They also stated that they were caught in a thunderstorm and had no problem with leaking. Another customer stated that they were able to fit two queen size air mattresses in the back half of the tent with more than enough room for gear. The customer was surprised that they were able to stand up in the tent since they are 6’ 7inches tall. They thought the tent would be large, but were pleasantly surprise.

There were very few negative comments. The most common concerns were the tie backs for the windows and doors, the size of the zippers, and the size of the rain flies. One customer felt that the tent was designed with too few tie backs for the window and door flaps. They also felt that they should have given the room divider tie backs as well. Several customers also felt that the zippers were too small. The zippers often became stuck or broke.

The customer was able to fix their zippers somewhat. Their final concern was in regard to the rain flies. Customers felt that when the rain flies were closed that they did not completely cover the windows and doors. They felt that in a heavy storm they might leak.


The Swiss Gear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent is a spacious and well constructed tent. It is very conservatively priced compared to other tents on the market. Current owners of this tent were very pleased with its performance. Overall, this product is a safe purchase for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors with their family.

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