Pandigital PanImage PI1003DW 10.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Pandigital PanImage PI1003DW 10.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame Review

You capture every precious moment with your digital camera because you don’t want to forget even a single bit of it. However, a photo that is only stored inside a camera’s memory card or in a PC’s hard drive is not a good way to keep your precious memories. Free your images. Now, you can use digital photo frames to display your memories without the hassle of printing them out.

Pandigital PanImage PI1003DW 10.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame at Amaon

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Product Description

The PanImage PI1003DW by Pandigital is a 10.1 inch digital photo frame that displays images in 800×480 resolution. It also has 250:1 contrast ratio that provides brilliant clarity to your photos. The screen has 250:1 viewing aspect ratio that provides pleasant presentation for your photos. The PanImage PI1003DW can store up to 1,250 images on its 256 MB internal memory. Bordered with elegant black wood, the frame blends with virtually all décor while the display’s interchangeable white and gray mats add more style to your presentation.

Product Features

• 15:9 Aspect Ratio – the high aspect ratio lets you view your photos in brilliant colors and clear details.

• 800×480 resolution – provides clearer, crisper and more vibrant images.

• 5 in 1 Reader – this digital frame features a 5 in 1 card reader that supports MS, SD,MS- Pro, xD and MMC

• Large Memory Capacity – the digital frame’s 256 MB memory capacity holds up to 2500 jpeg images

• USB Connectivity – the frame comes with a USB port that allows you view your photos that are saved in an external drive.

• Color and Brightness Controls – easy to use controls let you adjust the color and brightness of your photos.

• Interchangeable Mats – you can choose between gray or white for the frame’s mat to suit your mood.

• Integrated Calendar and Clock – the PanImage PI1003DW has built in clock and calendar that you can turn on and off when needed.

• Drop and Drag – the PanImage PI1003DW uses drop and drag system. This is a technology that makes it easier to select and transfer images from your computer or drive to the internal memory of the photo frame.

• Wall Mountable – with PanImage PI1003DW, limited desk or table space is not a problem. You can mount this digital frame using the built in tabs for wall hanging.

• Panel Light Control – turn the panel light on or off when needed.

• Remote Control – the PanImage PI1003DW comes with a handy remote controller that lets you adjust your settings accordingly.

• Slideshow – with this feature, the frame is able to display photos in slideshow mode and set the time intervals between each image depending on your preference.

• Image Rotate Function – you can easily flip your images when needed. Rotate your photos from portrait to landscape or vice versa by pressing a button.

Summary of Likes and Dislikesandigital PanImage PI1003DW 10.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame

The PanImage PI1003DW digital frame is a good choice to give as a gift to a family member or very close friend. One way to make it more personalized is to upload photos in it before wrapping it up.


• It looks really nice and can be hung on the wall. If you do not want to hang it on a wall, you can use the foldable leg to place it on a table. The leg of the frame is extendable, so you can adjust the height of the frame according to your preference.

• It displays high quality photos. The frame does not have very obvious pixels when displaying a photo, which is really good.

• The digital frame is very versatile. You can choose to input the photos in the frame’s internal memory (which can hold up to 2,500 images by the way), or display photos from an external memory stick or USB flash drive.

• The duration of slides are changeable, as well as their randomness, or the change effects (roll, fade, etc.).

• The remote control makes it really easy to operate. Unlike using the mini buttons at the frame’s back, using the remote control is easier and more convenient.

• The PanImage PI1003DW is very easy to set up. You just have to plug it in and turn the device on; then insert the memory card in the slot (if needed) and choose the settings and you are ready to go.


Although the PanImage PI1003DW has nearly perfect features, of course, there is also a hitch or two. The two frame mats seem to be a waste of material and something that you can do without. Yes, having an interchangeable mat is an advantage for some, but it is not really necessary.

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by A

This review is from: Pandigital PanImage PI1003DW 10.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Black) (Electronics)

Got this as a Christmas present for my mom. Loaded some test pictures on there just to ensure picture quality was good and that it worked reasonably well. Have read some reviews (while researching DPFs) that some DPFs are not worth buying. Issues with picture quality and ease of use.

There are two ways you can put pictures on this frame. There is a memory card slot in the back and you can also connect this unit to your computer with the supplied USB cable … Continue reading the original review and other reviews of the PanImage PI1003DW Digital Picture Frame


The PanImage PI1003DW is a great choice when it comes to digital frames. It boasts ample display size without the bulk; and it has all the necessary features you will want in a digital photo frame. Get yourself a 10.1 inch digital photo frame by Pandigital. The PanImage PI1003DW will also make a great gift for someone you care about.

The PanImage PI1003DW is available on for under $100.

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