Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent Review

Nothing brings families and friends closer than enjoying the great outdoors. Adults and children alike feel closer to nature and each other by sleeping under the stars. Where you are a first time camper or a wilderness enthusiast a tent is an important piece of equipment. It can be very difficult to choose the right one. Coleman has been a trusted name in camping equipment for decades. They are known for their quality and dependability.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is a great shelter for almost any size party. This structure is easy to assemble and has more than enough room to sleep eight people comfortably. This tent has all the amenities you could need, while still providing an authentic camping experience. You and your family will be enjoying the wonders of nature in no time with the Montana 8.

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Product Features

  • Comfortably sleeps eight adults
  • One room ten with an open floor plan
  • 11 millimeter fiberglass poles are strong and light weight
  • Electrical access point
  • Reverse angel windows
  • Designed to assemble in under ten minutes
  • Leak free seams
  • Coated polyester fabric guarantees that your tent stays water resistant, WeatherTec System
  • Hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • 1,000 denier polyethylene flooring prevents tent saturation
  • Includes additional waterproof rain fly
  • One Year limited warranty

Easy to Use

Long gone are the days of spending hours assembling tents. In the past, you had to plan ahead so that you had time to construct your shelter before dark or you ran the risk of not having a shelter at all. Coleman has revolutionized the tent industry. They continue to improve on their own designs attempting to make the easiest structures to assemble. The Montana 8 can be fully assembled in less than ten minutes. There is no longer a need to waste valuable vacation time following confusing instructions and building a difficult tent. To begin assembling the Montana, simply snap the fiberglass poles together and begin sliding through their appropriate cloth channels. Once they are secure in the eyelets, use the small hooks to snap and secure the tent to the poles. Next, you will stake down the guide ropes for the two angled windows. This will help them to maintain their shape. Know use the additional stakes to secure the base of the tent to the ground. If you feel that you may need the rain fly simply align it with the tent and clip it to the eyelet tabs. You will now be able to enjoy your time with nature.

The Montana 8 was also designed to make the act of camping less complicated. This product was created with the organized camper in mind. It comes complete with mesh side compartments to keep phones, keys, and gear safe, organized, and accessible. This model is also one of the few tents that come complete with power port. To use this amenity, simply plug an external power source, such as a power jack or generator, to the provided power port. Now you will be able to charge your phone, use your laptop, or even power a small television. This can become very handy on long trips.

Cost of Unit

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is priced at approximately $119.99 if purchased through This product is conservatively priced compared to other similar models. This unit includes the tent and rain fly and is built with the Coleman WeatherTec System. It is designed to be more water resistant than the average tent. This product also includes a limited one year warranty against defects. The Coleman name is known for quality.

Summary of what current owners have to say about their Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent was awarded four out of a possible five stars in the category of customer satisfaction. Customers were very happy with how much room they had in this tent. They could not believe the value. One customer stated that they fit two adults and two large dogs in half of the tent. They inflated air mattress for sleeping on and still had ample room for changing, storing gear, and walking. They also stated that their tent stayed bone dry during an eight hour down pour. They were thrilled with how well the rain fly held up and that they were able to sit under the overhang in chairs and still enjoy nature without getting wet.

The customer stated that the pictures do not adequately capture the size of the rain fly and that they were able to fit three chairs under the make shift porch. Customers were also very happy with the hinged door. They felt it was a great design ascetic and made entering and exiting a breeze. One customer stated that they were very happy not to have to rely on zippers all the time and still not have a tent full of bugs. They thought the hinge and Velcro was genius. Overall, customers were very happy with this product.

There were very few complaints in regard to this product. No customer gave this tent a score of less than two stars. The most common complaint was in regard the rain fly. A few customers had problems with their tent leaking. They stated that they assembled the tent perfectly, but still had puddles and leaking. One customer stated that the first time they used the tent they added sealant to it and it worked fine. They said the next time they used the tent in the rain it leaked.


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by H.
This review is from: Coleman Montana 8 Tent (Sports)
All I can say is “Wow”!

Cheaper than most family tents, but actually keeps the rain out. I’m 30 minutes north of Seattle. Just unpacked and put up the tent this morning as soon as it arrived during an hour no rain break, then it started pooring. Eight hours of rain and it’s still bone dry inside out in my backyard. I can’t believe a 450mm shell/tent can do that. …
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The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is a conservatively priced and well constructed product. Customers felt that it was work the money and had some great amenities that you can’t find in your average tent. Overall, the Montana 8 by Coleman is a safe purchase for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

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